Don't Give Your Kid Bad Advice — Episode 111 with Scott Schimmel


In this episode, Scott Schimmel discusses the importance of giving good advice to your children when it comes to their career choices. He shares a personal story of almost giving his son bad advice and emphasizes the need for parents to guide their children through the discernment phase rather than the discovery phase. Scott provides a framework for helping kids make informed decisions and encourages parents to answer important life questions themselves to set an example for their children.


  1. Should I be cautious about giving my child career advice?
  2. How can I focus on guiding them through the discernment phase?
  3. What are the differences between the discernment phase and the discovery phase in career planning?
  4. How can I effectively support my child's career interests?
  5. What are the risks of giving my child career advice based on emotions or guesswork, and how can this impact their happiness and success?

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