Is Your View of Success Wide Enough? Episode 113 with Scott Schimmel

A large percentage of young adults feel pressure to perform academically and athletically, which can lead to mental health challenges and less life satisfaction. Scott Schimmel shares his insights on how parents can support their children without solely focusing on their achievements. He emphasizes the importance of getting to know who their children are as individuals and celebrating their intrinsic values. By widening the definition of success and instilling intrinsic values, parents can help their children develop self-awareness and confidence.


  • "How to reduce academic and athletic pressure on children?"
  • "Signs of mental health issues in young adults due to performance pressure."
  • "Parenting tips to support children's well-being beyond achievements."
  • "How to instill intrinsic values like compassion and kindness in children?"
  • "Ways to help children develop self-awareness and confidence."
  • "Redefining success for children beyond academics and sports"
  • "Celebrating children's intrinsic qualities as a parent.
  • " "Parenting strategies to focus on children's individuality over achievements."

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