Is My Kid Concerned Enough About the Future? Episode 115 with Scott Schimmel


In this conversation, Scott Schimmel discusses how to increase a child's level of concern for their future well-being and success. He acknowledges that some kids may naturally be more laid-back and less concerned about the future, but offers strategies for helping them develop a realistic perspective and take action. Schimmel emphasizes the importance of providing a clear understanding of the future, introducing kids to people who can provide insight and advice, and sharing statistics and stories that highlight the consequences of not planning for the future. He also emphasizes the need to balance concern with hope and support.


  • How can I help my child who is not worried about their future develop a realistic perspective?
  • What are effective ways to teach children the importance of planning for the future?
  • How can meeting people who have faced consequences of poor planning benefit my child?
  • How do I balance instilling concern about the future with maintaining hope and support to avoid causing my child stress or anxiety?

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