Will Your Kid Have the Right Work Ethic? Episode 116 with Scott Schimmel

Scott Schimmel shares his personal experience of developing a strong work ethic and discusses how parents can cultivate a strong work ethic in their children. He emphasizes the importance of leading by example and setting clear expectations. He also encourages parents to help their children set goals and discuss the importance of hard work. Scott acknowledges that some children may struggle with developing a work ethic, but offers hope and strategies for parents to guide their children towards success.  


  • How important is it for me to lead by example to teach my child about work ethic? 
  • What are effective ways for me to set clear expectations and responsibilities for my child to develop a strong work ethic? 
  • How can I encourage my child to set goals and understand the importance of hard work? 
  • What should I do if my child struggles with developing a strong work ethic? 
  • What role do I play in cultivating a strong work ethic in my child?

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