Will Your Kid Have the Right Priorities? Episode 117


Scott Schimmel explores the importance of guiding children to make informed and thoughtful life decisions, emphasizing the need for a values and prioritization exercise. He highlights the impact of choices on one's life and the role of parents in providing guidance without imposing pressure. Scott also shares a personal story to illustrate the significance of aligning values with decisions.


  • How can I help my child make informed decisions about their future?
  • How can I provide guidance to my child without imposing too much pressure?
  • What exercises can help my child clarify and prioritize their personal values?
  • How can I help my child align their decisions with their personal values?
  • How can I guide my child to make decisions that lead to a balanced and fulfilling life?

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For years we’ve been studying what a young person needs in order to transition into a healthy, thriving adulthood.  

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