Will Your Kid Have the Right Social Skills? Episode 119 with Scott Schimmel


In this episode, Scott Schimmel discusses the importance of social skills for young adults and how parents can help their children develop these skills. He emphasizes the need for modeling and demonstrating good social skills, putting kids in challenging situations to learn, giving feedback without shame or criticism, and occasionally scripting conversations to provide guidance. The episode highlights the significance of social skills in both personal and professional life and encourages parents to actively teach and support their children in developing these skills.

  • Social skills are essential for young adults to succeed and thrive in both their personal and professional lives.
  • Parents can help their children develop social skills by modeling and demonstrating good social skills themselves.
  • Putting kids in challenging situations allows them to learn and practice social skills.
  • Giving feedback without shame or criticism helps children improve their social skills.
  • Occasionally, scripting conversations can guide and support children in social situations.

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