Gratitude is Conscientious Objection

When life isn't going your way. 

When you feel stuck and trapped. 

When your plans, expectations, and dreams are far away.

When you're feeling lost, upside down, and overwhelmed.

When you're shut down and just can't work yourself out of it. 

When you miss normal life and going outside and being with people and doing what you want to do...and refuse to call this 'the new normal'. 

We turn to gratitude. We don't wait for the feelings to come, it's a choice. A deliberate objection to the reality we find ourselves in, a refusal to be overcome by sorrow or sadness.

We do it because it's right. We do it because it's good. We do it because it works. Gratitude spurs hope. It brings light into darkness. It turns everything right side up. Gratitude is the path back to reality; back to life. 

For parents and teachers and people who care about kids, we practice gratitude because we know the young folks in our lives learn from us how to live well. 


Do you know?

For years we’ve been studying what a young person needs in order to transition into a healthy, thriving adulthood.  

They're uncommon sense ideas, really.

Download this checklist and use it with your students (or kids).

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