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Resilient Kids Are Filled With Hope

Life can be hard for a kid. There’s no question that they face many challenges and stress, even if they shine academically or in sports. 

We want every kid to feel confident that their future is bright—even if their perspective of that “future” is limited to only a few days or weeks from now. 

It’s disheartening to see a kid lose their motivation or refuse to take responsibility for a bright future. It’s not only troubling and worrisome, but we also know how short their window is to find an inner drive. 

That’s where building hope comes into play. 

Hope isn’t just a fluffy concept or an emotional response to the future. It’s grounded in science and validated through research. 

The definition of hope is the belief that the future will be brighter than today, and you have a role to play in making that happen. 

Hope is measurable. Hope is teachable. Hope is attainable. Everyone can teach their kid to be more hope-filled. 

Here’s a quick, actionable idea: for every challenge your kid faces, in addition to empathizing with them and waiting until they aren’t in a full on fight-or-flight meltdown, try asking the question: “What’s one small step you can take to confront that?” 

Don’t expect them to become more hopeful on the spot. But over time, the more you prompt them with that idea and the more you model that kind of thinking, the more natural it’s going to be for them to problem-solve and take ownership of their response to hard situations. 


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